Big Meet 8: Artists and the Arts in Placemaking

Event Big Meet 8

The Big Meet 8

Wed 18 Apr 2018, 10am–4pm

“BIG MEET 8: Artists and the Arts in Place-Making“, organised by the Arts & Place Working Group, took place in Jeffrey Hall, UCL on the 18 April 2018.

The Government Cultural white paper of 2016 stated that ‘Cultural placemaking can shape the fortunes of our regions, cities towns and villages’ and went on to say that ‘We want more local leaders to grasp the potential of culture to achieve their vision for their community, and to put culture at the forefront of their strategies’.

Local authorities, developers, the private sector and communities have all created different models of practice supported by imaginative approaches to funding.

Big Meet 8 shared examples that demonstrate the range of models of practice in the field of Art and Place from across the UK; Investigated artists led approaches to engaging with place through temporary interventions and local authority initiatives to work with communities; developers support for cultural place making; while framing the wider issues of how cultural led placemaking can have a sustainable impact on the development of a place and its communities.

Speakers included:

• Wolfgang Buttress, Artist

• Matthew Carmona, Prof of Planning & Urban Design at UCL and Chair of Place Alliance

• Diane Dever, Director at Folkestone Fringe

• Graham Henderson, Chief Executive of the Rimaud & Verlaine Foundation

• Lorna Lee, Head of Culture & Heritage Services, Waltham Forest Council

• Adriana Marques, Head of Cultural Strategy for Thamesmead at Peabody

• Anita McKeown, NAISC Skellig Kerry Diaspora Network Fellow, SMARTlab IDRC University College Dublin

• Michael Pinsky, Artist

• Professor Charles Quick, Co-founder In Certain Places and Chair of Arts and Place working group

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Past Activities

Arts and Place: Nottingham 2018

Regional Conversations

Tue 6 Mar 2018, 12–4pm
Jeffery Hall, 20 BedfordWay,WC1H 0AL

Arts and Place participants, photo credit - Reece Straw

Primary and the national Arts and Place Working Group joined forces to invite the arts, cultural and built environment sectors from the East Midlands region to engage in a conversation around embedding the arts and artists in place.

Framing Arts In Place: Preston 2017

Regional Conversations

14 Jul 2017 – 14 Jul 2018, 10am–4pm
Jeffery Hall, 20 BedfordWay,WC1H 0AL

Preston bus station

The first regional conversation was held in Preston, examining what a future national government policy for the public arts could look like. 

Cultural Wellbeing & York: A Creative Workshop


Tue 17 Jul 2018, 12–5pm
Jeffery Hall, 20 BedfordWay,WC1H 0AL

Workshop participants

Organised by Beam as part of its national Arts and Place programme, with funding from Arts Council England.

Farrell Review 5 years on - what's next for the built environment?

Thu 21 Feb 2019
Jeffery Hall, 20 BedfordWay,WC1H 0AL

Farrells event

This event will mark the 5th anniversary of the Farrell Review of Architecture and the Built Environment. Reflecting on recent achievements, government and industry leaders will ask “what more can be done in the future?".

Event organised by Farrells.

Big Meet 9: Placemaking and Design Leadership


Tue 2 Apr 2019, 10am–4pm
Jeffery Hall, 20 BedfordWay,WC1H 0AL

Big Meet 9: Placemaking and Design Leadership

We are pleased to announce that the 'Big Meet 9: Placemaking and Design Leadership' will take place in London on Tuesday 2 April 2019, at UCL.