Framing Arts In Place: Preston 2017

Regional Conversations Framing Arts in Place

Fri 14 Jul 2017

The first regional conversation was held in Preston, examining what a future national government policy for the public arts could look like. 

Participants heard from a range of perspectives about how the public arts have played a critical role in adding to the development of a place through a range of different policies and initiatives. 

Guest speakers included:

• Carolyn Primett, Head of Arts – Blackpool Council

• Matthew Burl, Architect, Associate – Hawkins\Brown

• Jeni McConnell, Artist

• Professor Charles Quick, Co-founder In Certain Places and Chair of Arts and Place working group

Together we examined what a fit for purpose and future national policy for the promotion and funding of the public arts could look like framed via a series of key questions:

• What sort of places do we want to live in?  

• How should arts in place be funded?

• What role can education play in the development of arts in place?

• How and where can government policy be supportive or more proactive?

Past Activities

Arts and Place: Nottingham 2018

Regional Conversations

Tue 6 Mar 2018
Jeffery Hall, 20 BedfordWay,WC1H 0AL

Arts and Place participants, photo credit - Reece Straw

Primary and the national Arts and Place Working Group joined forces to invite the arts, cultural and built environment sectors from the East Midlands region to engage in a conversation around embedding the arts and artists in place. Over 50 participants attended at Primary’s artist-led space in Nottingham to hear from a range of speakers and engage in debate.

Big Meet 8


Wed 18 Apr 2018
Jeffery Hall, 20 BedfordWay,WC1H 0AL

Big Meet 8

“BIG MEET 8: Artists and the Arts in Place-Making“, organised by the Arts & Place Working Group, took place in Jeffrey Hall, UCL on the 18 April 2018.

Cultural Wellbeing & York: A Creative Workshop


Tue 17 Jul 2018
Jeffery Hall, 20 BedfordWay,WC1H 0AL

Workshop participants

This workshop was organised by Beam as part of its national Arts and Place programme, with funding from Arts Council England in collaboration with York@Large, with funding from the Royal Institute of British Architects Local Initiative Fund, and the support of York Council, York Explore, York Museums Trust, the Guild of Media Arts and York Architectural Association.