Undergo.The Parallels


The exhibition project Undergo.The Parallels took place in 2012, in Tbilisi pedestrian underground passages, involving 29 artists and collectives included emergent local ones. For 70 years Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, had been part of the Soviet Union, that built the underground passages. Nowadays these undergrounds are still under development, in some of them new “organized” commercial infrastructures are built beside the unofficial ones, others are under the danger of collision and have lost their practical function, becoming a place for garbage or public toilets.

El Bibliobandido


Bibliobandido, or Book Bandit, wears a disguise and “ravenous for stories, roves the jungles terrorizing little kids until they write stories to nourish his insatiable appetite.” Launched by artist Marisa Jahn in collaboration with villagers in El Pital, Honduras (near La Ceiba), the program provides book-making, story-telling, and basic literacy support through a volunteer “library committee,” consisting of about 15 adults and pre-teens.

Sensing the City

2017 – 2020

Sensing the City undertook a series of site-specific studies of urban rhythms, atmospheres, textures, practices and patterns of behaviour in the city of Coventry. Through four micro-projects, it made use of the sensate, performing human body effectively as an in situ data-gathering sensor, proceeding to apply technologies of sound/oral recording, photography, dance, performance and film to process and document this fieldwork activity.